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Day trading alerts

Surfers spend majority of their time on shore waiting for the wave. Intraday traders spend majority of their time waiting for a good trading opportunity. Our system of day trading alerts will help you to minimize idle time in front of the screen and maximize your profit. Day trading alerts are proven to be extremely helpful for day traders/scalpers.

Our fully automated system constantly monitors stocks from S&P 500 list. When the price is approaching a demand zone the system sends instant unbiased day trading alerts to all subscribers. You will be prepared to take a trade. On the chart below you can see an example how day trading alerts may help you to make 1% of your capital within just seven minutes.

Day Trading Alerts

What the system does:

  • Constantly analyzes market data and seeking for good opportunities to open a trade with high probability of gain.
  • Provides subscribers with instant e-mail of day trading alerts when the stock price is approaching the resistance level or demand zone.
  • Identifies several good day trading opportunities daily.

What you do:

  • Receive day trading alerts (or “Buy” signals) from the system
  • Analyze the chart and market situation
  • Make decision to enter the position
  • Determine your gain or loss limits

What the system DOESN’T do:

  • Guarantee your profitability. You receive e-mails with day trading alerts and make your own decisions whether you should enter a position
  • Suggest any gain or loss limits. You need to do it yourself based on the market situation. Based on our experience, the best limits for intraday trading/scalping are within +/- 0.4% per trade. However, it strongly depends on the market situation.
  • Send “Sell” alerts. You decide when you should exit the position.

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  • If you have any questions/suggestions, or you want to unsubscribe, please send us a message via “Contact us” form.

We’ll post examples of our trades in the blog to help you understand how to use day trading alerts with more profit.

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